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Who we are & how we got started

The Santtam family’s passion is to provide the consumer with a choice! Providing an ability to educate themselves on what goes in their body. We all have this choice and it’s a choice we have to make every day. The Santtam Family did all the hard work for you. We created Santtam Certification to establish partnerships with experienced companies providing the best CBD products in the world.

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Provide service. Share knowledge. Ensure quality.

Santtam CDB was founded in Denver, Colorado by people just like you. We were consumers looking for the best CBD products but were discouraged by the lack of transparency in how companies portrayed their products and quality. The great state of Colorado paved the way for CDB legislation and because we were right there to see this develop we have built this platform to share our knowledge with you. Through intensive market research we have identified the most reputable CDB suppliers across the country and are proud to provide you the best online CBD shopping experience.


What they say


I buy CBD edibles monthly and I love the text message feature that allows me to track my package. I do not want that precious cargo getting mixed up in the mail!

Latoya Michele

I discovered Santtam while reading their blog about CBD and other hemp products; any company who goes into this much detail about my options with CBD tincture‘s, edibles and cream; is a company I trust to supply me with a consistent regimen of CBD.

Kadie Kettlewell

The bioReigns Derm Affect is the first cbd complex facial serum I have used. As a daughter of an aesthetician, I’ve tried plenty of serums and I am a big fan of this product! I’ve tried Rodan and Fields, Dermelogica, Skin Scripts, and many other top brands and this is definitely comparable! My skin feels so soft, moisturized and doesn’t leave a sticky feeling like some do. On top of the moisture, my skin glows after I put this on, which I am assuming is a benefit from the CBD! The first ingredient is hyaluronic acid which is key! I will definitely purchase this again!

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