how do cbd creams work for dry skin
August 8, 2020How It's Made

How CBD Topicals Work

The CBD market is growing in all directions, one that we want to highlight here are topical CBD products. This refers to CBD creams and CBD salves that are applied to the skin as opposed to ingesting them orally which is also very common. Let’s first start with a quick definition of the two main types of topical CBD products that you can buy online or in retail stores.  Types of Topicals CBD Creams: A cream is a substance that [...]
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usda organic emblem
June 25, 2020How It's Made

Is All Organic CBD Created Equal?

CBD is big business and with new brands sprouting up out of the ground every day, it’s important to understand what is really good for you and what is just fancy marketing gimmicks.  Over the past 10-15 years the rise of natural, all natural, organic, GMO free foods has become a lasting facet of our culinary culture. Naturally, with CBD it is no different, as it is extracted directly from a plant with relatively few alterations in between.  So, what [...]
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8 must know cbd terms by santtamcbd
June 18, 2020How It's Made

8 Must Know CBD Terms: Buy CBD Online

So many times in life, the best things are simple. Coffee, cocktails, beer, barbecue, classic rock, are all pretty straightforward things. CBD, although wonderful, isn’t too simple, in fact, when looking at CBD labels and COAs it might remind you of gasping for air back in high school biology. At least your biology textbook had a nice convenient glossary in the back, CBD never had a simple glossary, until now!  Here are 8 must-know terms to get the most out [...]
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breakdown on extraction cbd by santtamcbd
June 13, 2020How It's Made

A Breakdown on Extraction: Everything you need to know: water soluble CBD

The term Hemp Extract can often be seen on the labels of various CBD products. This is because CBD or cannabinol is an oil that is extracted from the hemp plant, thus the name refers to the process of obtaining CBD. Plants and most living things are held together by a mixture of water and fats, plants don’t have fats like we do, they have oils. To make the CBD products you know and love, skilled professionals use an assortment [...]
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