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May 15, 2020CBD News

FDA Approves First Medical CBD Isolate Drops Treatment: Epidiolex

The FDA made history recently by approving the first ever medicinal drug derived from cannabis. The drug is cannabidiol and is sold under the name Epidiolex, it was developed by GW pharmaceuticals, a UK based company. It is drug used to treat sever epilepsy, it was developed by GW pharmaceuticals and has been on the road to declassification for more than a year. What this means for the future of cannabis derived medicine and CBD in general is not entirely [...]
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April 21, 2020CBD News

Virginia Classifies CBD Products as Food

Amid the fast-growing popularity of CBD products nationwide, Virginia has recently taken a large step to become a regional and potentially national player in the hemp industry. Democratic Governor of Virginia, Ralf Northam has just signed Senate Bill 918 that will classify CBD products as food and they will, in turn be regulated as such. Why the change in regulation? Across the US, and several other countries, products derived from the cannabis plant are being reclassified from controlled substances to [...]
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