science cbd bath bombs
August 15, 2020CBD Science

The Science Behind CBD Bath Bombs

A great place to start this article is to address one important word in the title – science. The most important thing to consider about the science of CBD is that it is new. Prohibition on the consumption of any cannabis-derived product was in place for decades and this has put a damper on research. It is only just now that many studies are being conducted, many of which focus on the beneficial properties of CBD for treating pain, anxiety [...]
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CBD Oil vs water soluble cbd
April 21, 2020CBD Science

Water-Soluble CBD vs. CBD Oil: Finally, a real explanation

There is no denying the proliferation of CBD products on the market, either in stores, dispensaries and especially online. Because of this, you may find yourself scratching your head looking at two these different types of CBD, with both making claims that they are the best. In order to get to the bottom of this, and get the right product in your hands, we are going to break this down and make it nice and simple, so that the next [...]
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