Santtam CBD has created a unique dropshipping platform. We have built a system different from anyone else in the CBD industry. Our dropshipping feature allows us to partner with the best brands the market has to offer. Our intuitive dropshipping system communicates directly with distributors, consumers and retailers as soon as a purchase is made on

Our system is built for you, the customer. It is able to provide a larger variety of products from accredited affiliates who manufacture and supply trusted CBD products. Santtam CBD’s custom dropship plugin give users the ability to instantly order from multiple reputable`companies who utilize different distribution facilities. Santtam CBD is truly an unbiased source that is not vested in ANY of the reputable companies they market.

Our dropship feature is an automated system. It communicates through most of the eCommerce platforms being utilized by your favorite CBD companies. Once an order is received, you are notified directly via text message with a confirmation of your purchase. The facility is simultaneously notified and fulfills your order. The SanTTam family has the freedom to work with the best CBD brands because we do not house, store, produce, manufacturer, distribute, bottle, or white label. Our automated feature makes your job easy if you are a consumer seeking safe CBD alternatives. Our job is to find the best CBD products and provide you with consistent and reliable access!

Santtam CBD is proud to be the marketing face of our affiliates. Because we provide free marketing and advertising services for our affiliates, it should be known that no Santtam CBD employee or Santtam CBD owner touches the products you order. Therefore, Santtam CBD is not in charge of product fulfillment, accepting returns or providing customer support for defective merchandise. Santtam CBD has a unique drop shipping arrangement with each of our affiliates and/or our suppliers. In some situations customers will handle returns directly with the company or supplier whom shipped the product. Santtam customer service may also direct you to the company or supplier’s customer support team if we cannot resolve the issue ourselves. Santtam CBD provides you, our loyal customer, one point of contact to resolve any of your needs.

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