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So many times in life, the best things are simple. Coffee, cocktails, beer, barbecue, classic rock, are all pretty straightforward things. CBD, although wonderful, isn’t too simple, in fact, when looking at CBD labels and COAs it might remind you of gasping for air back in high school biology. At least your biology textbook had a nice convenient glossary in the back, CBD never had a simple glossary, until now!

 Here are 8 must-know terms to get the most out of your online CBD shopping experience. No more will you be there scratching your head; you can move right on to popping in gummies.

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We are going to get started from the ground up [joke] and clean out the cobwebs regarding terms that often get tossed around when talking about CBD.


 Cannabis is a genus of flowering plants that originated from the south / central Asia. Genus is the group above species, so it doesn’t refer to one specific plant. Cannabis is often confused with marijuana, an FDA controlled substance, however, these two are not one and the same.


Hemp is a term used for a cannabis plant that has less than 0.3% THC. Hemp is widely used commercially for use in all types of materials from textiles to biofuels. The 2018 Farm Bill declassified hemp federally classified it as an ordinary agricultural commodity.


Marijuana is a term that has fallen in popularity as of recently and really is not scientific in nature at all but has political roots to the Mexican revolution in the early 20th century. For the purposes of this article, we will refer to marijuana as a form of cannabis with higher than 0.3% THC which gives the users a psychoactive effect of being high.

 The takeaway:

You will almost never see the term marijuana used in describing CBD products but will often see cannabis, namely because CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol which sounds a lot like cannabis. There is a large trend for CBD brands to refer to their products using the term hemp and not using CBD at all, these products are one and the same, this is merely an effort to distance themselves from terms often associated with substances the federal government has not yet legalized.

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The term extracts can often be seen on the labels or in the names of CBD products because CBD is an oil that is extracted from the hemp plant. The various forms of extract will give you clues to what the product contains and how it is intended to perform.


Isolate refers to a product that only contains CBD and does not contain any other cannabinoids. Remember CBD (cannabinol) is one type of cannabinoid. Although isolate is extremely pure, these CBD products are often at a cheaper price point because users find great value in the entourage effect, a synergy created from several cannabinoids consumed together.

Full Spectrum CDB 

Full Spectrum CDB products are the result of extraction where all of the oils that have been extracted are present in the product, this includes the cannabinoids, terpenes (add aroma, flavor and antioxidants) as well as essential oils. The main thing to understand about full spectrum products is that they contain THC, less than 0.3%, not enough to cause any sort of psychoactive effect, however some users still choose not to consume, which is totally fine. 🙂

Broad Spectrum CBD

Broad Spectrum CBD products share all of the same wonderful properties as full spectrum products however they do not contain THC. Users of broad spectrum CBD products highly praise the entourage effect, where the range of cannabinoids working together gives a much more effective benefit.

The takeaway:

We might say different strokes for different folks, which is true yes, as we highlighted in the difference between full and broad spectrum. Another thing to note is that CBD isolate has enabled big developments in the study of CBD as a medical treatment because it can be purified to very precise levels.

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After the extraction process, CBD will be sold in two different forms, oil and water soluble. The main point to understand about these two products is that when CBD oil is not very efficiently absorbed through the digestive system whereas water-based CBD can take many forms.

CBD oil 

CBD oil is extracted from hemp in a handful of different ways and either packaged directly or mixed with other oils and flavoring to enhance the flavor and texture. CBD oil has a longer shelf life and it’s production involves much less space-age science.


Water-soluble CBD actually involves CBD oil is broken down into very very (we will stop at 2…) small nano-particles, really small people! These particles are then able to bond to water molecules and can be absorbed through the digestive system with high efficiency. This process also allows for the colorful range of CBD products you can enjoy such as gummies, beverages and powders. 

The Takeaway:

Want the whole scoop here? We did an entire blog post on this topic, check it out!

 Here at Santtam CBD online, our goal is to break down the complex world of CBD and make it easy and fun to learn about. After all, we think the best customer is the well-informed customer. We are dedicated to providing only the best CBD products that we have tried, tested and vetted but most of all for our customers and the rest of the world, we want to share our passion about CBD products by sharing our knowledge about this magical compound!

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