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CBD is big business and with new brands sprouting up out of the ground every day, it’s important to understand what is really good for you and what is just fancy marketing gimmicks.  Over the past 10-15 years the rise of natural, all natural, organic, GMO free foods has become a lasting facet of our culinary culture. Naturally, with CBD it is no different, as it is extracted directly from a plant with relatively few alterations in between.  So, what is organic CBD and is this something you should choose ahead of all others? Stay tuned while we get to the bottom of it.

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Natural CBD:  Not Unnatural

 Some products present themselves as natural or all-natural CBD. Due to the nature of how CBD is made, this should be a given right? You have a plant – hemp, and inside that plant are cannabinoids – CBD, separate the CBD from the plant and viola, it’s that simple. It certainly is, or should be, however in recent years, science, in all its wisdom, has given us synthetic CBD and CBD from other sources than hemp plants. If a product contains all or some of its CBD from other sources then, no, it cannot be listed as all natural. We should note that this is not very prevalent in the marketplace today, but it certainly is there, so make sure to check the origin of the CBD in the products you consume.

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Organic CBD: Mother Nature Approved

 When defining what organic means in terms of food, the first thing that usually comes to mind is pesticides. Certainly, this is a very big part of what it means to be organic, but there is a lot more going on behind the scenes of products that are labeled organic. Take a look at some key elements that all organic crops, including hemp share.

  • Pesticides

    The danger to pesticides falls on a range with some more dangerous than others, but if history has taught us anything, it is that something that is safe today may not be tomorrow. Organic crops do not contain any pesticides, so rest easy.


  • Soil

     To be considered organic the soil in which the crops are planted must also be in good health. This means that even if no pesticides are being used on the current crop there needs to have been a period of time before that the soil has been free of crops that use pesticides. Furthermore, the soil must be free of heavy metals, sewage, radioactive materials or genetically modified organisms.


  • GMO

     The field of genetics has brought some impressive advancements into our modern world, and the crops farmers grow are a big part of that. Whether it’s making plants more resistant to the seasons, making them respond better to pesticides or maybe you just want a 12-pound tomato, genetics technology has been applied to virtually all harvested crops. Products that are labeled organic are free from all genetic modifications.

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UDSA Certified Organic: Uncle Sam Approved

 So, you see the word organic, but you also see that logo all over the place as well, sometimes products have it and sometimes products don’t, what’s the deal? If a product carries the certification of USDA Certified Organic, it has been grown and cultivated according to the guidelines for being organic as stipulated by the FDA and the crops, soil and farming facility have been inspected by a USDA officer.


The FDA and USDA, in all their great wisdom have set out guidelines to ensure the safety of the public, which apply to both organic and non-organic forms of agriculture, it’s not our place to say CBD that is not organic is dangerous or unhealthy. However, if you want a little extra peace of mind you can certainly opt for organic products knowing that they are free of anything that might be harmful.

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Furthermore, organic products don’t just benefit us, they are extremely beneficial to the environment. Sure, insects can be a nuisance for farmers, that’s why we call them pests, but dumping chemicals on plants and into the ground certainly doesn’t do mother nature a whole lot of good either. Here at Santtam, it’s not our job to tell you what is right and wrong but give you the information you need to make good decisions about the CBD you consume and buy online. Want our opinion? Sure, we vote organic. ✌️

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