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The CBD market is growing in all directions, one that we want to highlight here are topical CBD products. This refers to CBD creams and CBD salves that are applied to the skin as opposed to ingesting them orally which is also very common. Let’s first start with a quick definition of the two main types of topical CBD products that you can buy online or in retail stores. 

Types of Topicals

CBD Creams: A cream is a substance that is made with a mixture of water and oils, with varying ratios of oil and water making them function a bit differently. The main thing to take note here is that due to the presence of water in the product, creams are generally seen to be effective for people with dry skin. Along with the other beneficial properties the CBD cream has, they also will moisturize your skin. 

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CBD Salves: Instead of oils being mixed with water, a salve is where oil is mixed with wax, this makes them much denser and they will be more suited for application to an isolated area of your body. The most common types of wax used in salves is beeswax (yum!) or soy wax. 


As mentioned above, a topical product always contains a type of oil to be combined with wax or water. Is CBD an oil? Certainly! However, you can be sure that your topical CBD product contains another type of oil as well, usually for functional purposes because a topical product that contains only CBD oil would be delivering much more CBD than necessary. 

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How does CBD Work?


The ways that people use CBD are determined by the type of CBD in the product. Water-soluble CBD is synthetically produced from pure CBD oil and, unlike CBD oil, can be absorbed through the digestive system. Water-soluble CBD is credited with the proliferation of types of CBD products that we can consume like snacks and beverages. 


On the other hand, CBD oil does not do a good job being absorbed through our digestive system, therefore it can be placed and absorbed under the tongue or applied directly on the skin. If it is absorbed under the tongue it can penetrate and circulate through the endocannabinoid system. When applied topically on the skin, CBD molecules bond to lipids on our cells and become concentrated in the specific area where they are applied.


3 Things to Look for in Your Next Topical CBD Product


  1. Dosage: For a CBD cream or CBD salve, a specific dosage is a bit more challenging to achieve compared to a tincture or an edible. The product will have the total amount of CBD listed on the product, and beyond that, you need a little trial and error to hone in on what is right for you. The best method is to start small and work your way up, so as not to waste that precious CBD!
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  1. Check Other Ingredients: Your CBD cream will most certainly contain some other ingredients, usually common in skincare products. If you have sensitive skin, allergies, or don’t want a certain ingredient, make sure to take a quick peek at what is in the cream or salve that you are interested in buying to make sure it is right for you. 


  1. COA: You should always check the COA for the CBD products that you use. We understand that sometimes it looks like you might need a science textbook to understand what you are looking at, here is a pro tip. If a brand is willingly providing a COA for its products, it probably does not have bad ingredients, and they are proud to show the quality. The most important info to take note of is that the company info matches that of what you are buying. 


Here at Santtam we are passionate about sharing our knowledge with you! In case there are some points that we didn’t cover in this post, don’t hesitate to drop a line, we love hearing from you!

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