5 famous dates

2500+ BC: Cannabis in China

2500bc cannabis used in tea china

This first date isn’t exact but it’s also thousands of years ago, so we are going to give some wiggle room here. The reason we are including this date is to make it very clear that although you can see a lot of news about CBD today and how it is being used, it is nowhere near a new phenomenon. Evidence shows that father back in the BC times that we are into the AD times, Chinese royalty was using cannabis in tea. If it was good enough for the emperor, it is good enough for us. Once we get the recipe for that tea, you will find it here!

1964 CBD is Isolated and Mapped Out

1964 cbd structure know your cbd history

Before this historic event, a few scientists had isolated and even tested CBD on animals, but they were not exactly clear what they had or what they were looking for. It wasn’t until Raphael Mechoulam isolated and, most importantly, described the structure of THC (one of many cannabinoids) that the flood gates were opened for more intensive research into CBD. The most important effect of his discovery is the ability to separate the psychoactive THC from CBD and look deeper into the benefits that CBD may hold.

1996 California Legalizes Medical Cannabis – The passage of Proposition 215

support prop 215 cbd history

There were more than a few things that happened for CBD between 1964 and 1996, such as the beginning of testing on animals and the approved cultivation of medical cannabis in the UK. However, we are putting 1996 and the legalization of medical cannabis in California as one of the key dates on our timeline because once this happened it began to open the door for medical research.


 This is extremely significant because up until this point cannabis was completely prohibited across the US which means that it was also banned from scientific inquiry. Here at Santtam we put a great deal of faith in science and we understand that once the scientific community gets hold of something the truth is soon to follow. 


1999 first cbd trials

GW Pharmaceuticals, a British pharmaceutical company started its first clinical trials using different cannabinoid formulas. If Proposition 215 let down the barriers for the study of medical cannabis, GW pharmaceuticals was the pioneer in those very studies. Just in the last 6 months, the FDA has finally approved the first CBD therapy, which is made by none other than GW Pharmaceuticals. When we finally see that day that CBD products are on the open market and seen as an acceptable medical treatment for the range of ailments people use them for, we can trace it back to here. 

2018 Farm Bill

vote hemp cbd history

Just a couple years ago the federal government made a huge step in putting CBD into the mainstream with the passage of the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, often referred to as the 2018 Farm Bill. This piece of legislation was a major step in the right direction for CBD as it made growing hemp as well as the sale and transport of hemp-derived products across state lines. The reason you are starting to see CBD popping up everywhere is because it has officially left the grey area and come into the light. Growing hemp and selling hemp-derived products is not as open as growing other crops like corn or apples, there are still serious regulations surrounding the industry however the door has been opened. 


What’s next?


With each passing day, month, year there is no doubt that the stigma that once surrounded cannabis and its products is slowly diminishing. As people’s minds change, they will reveal their attitudes in the voting booth (hopefully) and our elected officials will act accordingly. Ok, we know this sounds a bit detached from the way things really work but here at Santtam we are a glass-half-full type of people and we do feel that in the coming years the cultivation and use of hemp-based products will become more mainstream to the benefit of all! 

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