5 tips for using cbd on skin

CBD is fairly new in the market and very new in the mainstream, this means that many people might not be clear about the ins and outs and dos and don’ts of using CBD products. Here we will break down the basics of CBD creams and CBD salves that you can use on your skin. 

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1. Don’t Believe All the Hype

No one is a bigger fan of CBD than the Santtam team, we mean no one! However, there are a few CBD online stores that seem to be telling some tall tales. The truth is, due to prohibitions that were recently lifted there has not been enough research on the broad range of CBD uses to put any medical claims on the packaging of CBD products. We at Santtam are fanatic about our products and their benefits and we would love to tell you all about them!

If a CBD product is making fantastic medical claims such as curing serious diseases or alleviating all types of pain and discomfort you should probably beware. CBD may be a miracle substance but it’s not that kind of miracle substance. The best advice we can give on this is that there are so many great uses for CBD, no reason to say it’s the secret to looking like a teenager in your golden years.


2. Meet Everyone at the Party

CBD skincare products contain more than just CBD and water (creams) or CBD and wax (salves). To get all the goods from CBD you only need a rather small dosage so generally skincare products will contain other types of oils and ingredients. Take the same careful notice with your CBD skincare products as you would with others. Especially for those that have allergies, sensitive skin or preferences about products you wish not to consume, understand that CBD is enhancing your skincare product and therefore there are just as many other ingredients as you would find in your normal products. 

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3. Slow and Steady Wins the Race

When getting your CBD from edibles or tinctures, you can rely on a fairly precise degree of accuracy for how much you are consuming. In terms of CBD creams and CBD salves, you can’t be exactly sure because of how you apply it. First, take note of the amount of CBD in the product itself, which will be visible on the package and gauge how much you are applying. Ok, we know even this is not very exact, therefore the best practice guidelines are to use just a little on the specific area and gradually increase until you can bring out all the magic of CBD skincare products. 

4. Certificate of Authenticity

Whenever you are purchasing a CBD product, especially buying a CBD product online, you should always check the COA from the brand. Yes, we understand that most of what you are looking at looks like it came from NASA but rest assured there are only a couple things you should pay attention to. 

Make sure that the company information on the document you are looking at matches the company information of the brand of CBD cream or CBD salve you are buying. Also, take note of the date, if the COA is from back when our cell phones would flip open, the product you are using is probably not the same as what is on the COA. 

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5. Just What the Doctor Ordered?

Ok, number five on this list maybe should have been number one… Anyway, here we are, and we can’t stress this enough. If for any reason you are unsure about the CBD product you are planning on using or especially if the product gives you any discomfort, please consult your doctor. Although there are countless studies underway about the positive effects of CBD there is not much evidence that points to CBD being bad for you, so if you are having an issue, something else in the product is likely causing irritation, which you should get to the bottom of. 

Have any more questions about CBD creams, CBD salves, or other CBD products online? Let us know! We love to hear from our customers and even more, we love to share our knowledge.

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