CBD Oil and CBD Cream the difference

Any quick internet search will tell you that thousands of brands are selling countless CBD products online and in retail stores. With such a dizzying array of products in front of you, it can seem daunting, the anxiety along will have you grasping for your nearest CBD product! Jk, but seriously, let us simplify things in one major way and make your next online CBD shopping experience a bit easier. 

Here we will define the key differences between using CBD oils and CBD creams or other topical CBD products. This will give you a good idea moving forward of what types of products will best meet your needs. 

cbd quote CBD Oil and CBD Cream

2 Main Types of CBD

CBD is extracted and processed into two main forms, CBD oil, and water-soluble CBD. The key difference here is how the body absorbs CBD into the endocannabinoid system. CBD Oil is CBD in its most natural form. There are a handful of ways that CBD oil is extracted but the byproduct is the same, the oils in the hemp plant are in the same state that they were in while the plant was living, they have just been carefully removed. 

Water-soluble CBD starts as CBD oil and then through some heavy science is synthesized into a compound composed of tiny molecules that can bind to water. Water-soluble CBD makes a wide range of products possible such as edibles and beverages that would not be effective if CBD oil were used. 

cbd by tongue and skin

Oils (Mouth) vs. Cream (Skin)

Taking CBD oil under the tongue allows the CBD to enter a large blood vessel and get into your bloodstream directly. This type of consumption is generally understood to have the best results when using CBD in a holistic sense as opposed to treating one specific area of your body. 

When CBD creams and CBD salves are applied directly to the skin they accumulate in the area and will only treat that area. Because CBD oil is not water-soluble, it cannot penetrate human tissue and enter the bloodstream. This is why CBD creams are most often used on specific joints or muscles. 

EDS system cbd receptors

EDS System and CBD Usage

The endocannabinoid system (EDS) is a molecular system found throughout the body that regulates various responses related to pain, appetite, metabolism, memory, and more. The system has cannabinoid receptors located throughout and the same chemicals that our body produces to stimulate these receptors are found in CBD. Taking CBD under the tongue will activate receptors across the entire system while taking CBD topically will only activate the receptors located in the tissue layers closest to the area where the product has been applied. 


Taking CBD sublingually (under the tongue) or topically (on the skin) each has its specific advantages. The biggest advantage of taking CBD from a tincture under the tongue is that your dosage can be carefully monitored while taking CBD on the skin is very effective for use on specific areas of your body. A lot of this all comes down to preference and your reasons for using CBD. Here at Santtam CBD, we are fanatical about sharing our knowledge and experience with all our customers. If you have a question about what type of CBD might be best for you please don’t hesitate, we love to hear from you!

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