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It’s hard to find another company like Hemp Luxe, this group first made their mark on Main St. USA with the Mustard Seed Market & Café pioneering the organic eating revolution in America. As the decades passed Hemp Luxe never lost their passion for understanding the ingredients of the things we consume and their passion for providing the best. A few years back they decided to take a side street and establish Hemp Luxe, a leader in the ever growing, ever changing CBD industry. One thing that never changed about them, they only provide the best, certified organic ingredients.

All About The Hemp

CBD is a product extracted from the hemp plant. Therefore, it goes without saying that to get quality CBD you need quality hemp. Hemp Luxe only uses hemp that is certified organic by the Colorado department of agriculture [source]. However they don’t stop there, the only way to be 100% sure you the highest quality you need certified 3rd party labs to conduct a battery of tests on your products, Hemp Luxe does just that. They didn’t build their reputation on fancy gimmicks or clever advertising, they did it by starting with the absolute best hemp and the most experienced professionals.

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100% Federally Legal in All 50 States
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Guaranteed Less Than 0.3% THC
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Made in the USA
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Products to be proud of

Hemp Luxe really has a product for everyone. Their oil tinctures only use simple clean carriers to deliver cold pressed organic hemp seed oil. For a more consistent serving of your daily dose of CBD you might like their range of softgels or try some amazing flavored gummies, you will have a hard time finding something organic that is this tasty!

If you want to try a different route for CDB consider creams and balms, this is a great way to directly apply CBD in different areas or even enhance your daily routine. Last of all, maybe most of all, don’t forget about your pet! Sure people love Hemp Luxe CBD but so do dogs! Check out what they have to offer!

Santtam is proud to offer Hemp Luxe CBD products to all our consumers. Through our endless journey to find the best CBD products we have developed a close relationship with this company and love their culture and dedication to only the best quality organic ingredients.

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